We are a proven network of creatives from all trades. We know each other very well & have already worked together on many stages around the world.

Papilio Entertainment - The Creative Link was founded in 2014 by Andreana Clemenz. Already with her first company Blue Papilio, the studied film and theater scientist brought together creatives from all areas and successfully realized hundreds of productions. With the founding of Papilio Entertainment - The Creative Link, the creative network has expanded even further and has been serving the national and international market ever since.

The close core of Papilio Entertainment includes Alex Burgos, choreographer and creative director from New York, Terry M. Gustason, composer and music producer from Los Angeles, Katharina Addas, author and director from Berlin, Nina Reichel, sequence director from Heidelberg, picture director Silke Stubenvoll, Myriam Keeb and Volker Scherz as well as Olivera Blagojevic as costume designer, make-up professional Inez Paolini and many more.

In addition, Papilio Entertainment includes: unconventional thinking storytellers and authors, creatives from different fields, directors, choreographers, renowned musicians, composers, producers, mixed reality professionals, entertainment experts such as multi-talented event, theater, film makers, TV professionals, creative producers, art directors, sequence directors, costume and set designers, designers and many, many more.