Weightless Tour 2022/ 2023 - Samuel Koch Live

Weightless Tour 2022/ 2023 - Samuel Koch Live

How life gets easier.

An evening of fun, hope and real feelings


In 2022/ 2023, Samuel Koch will tour Germany with his first live show. For the conception and the direction the actor and best-selling author has got our director Andreana Clemenz on the side. Currently, the creative team is in the process of designing an unusual show, after which every visitor will feel more inspired and lighter. The idea, an unconventional evening with a mixture of acting, concert, sit-up comedy, vaudeville, inspirational impulses and Hä? moments. 


Quote Samuel Koch:

Take off and still stay on the ground? Together we make the impossible possible. Be there and become part of my Mission Possible. Really good music - SINNvolles, now and then a bit of nonsense - plenty of action and of course wonderfully emotional kitsch. All this and one or the other surprise awaits you at "Schwerelos", the live show in autumn 2022. An evening to get rid of HEAVY. So, fancy some (show) play, fun and excitement? Then come along and let's take off!