Radio Rainbow award


Papilio Entertainment: Director, Stageshow & Stagedirector

Customer: Audiotainment Südwest GmbH & Co. KG

Country: Europa Park Rust, Germany

Year: 2023


Radio Rainbow Award

Andreana Clemenz was again present at this year's RADIO REGENBOGEN Award in the Europa Park in Rust. For 10 years now she has been supporting the direction of this top music award. According to presenter Thomas Hermanns, this award is "the most beautiful award ceremony in Germany".


Radio Rainbow Award

The RADIO REGENBOGEN Award 2023 will be presented in the Europa-Park Arena. Award winners included Tom Gregory, TINA - Das Tina Turner Musical, Bülent Ceylan, Judith Williams, Jochen Breyer, Leony, Zoe Wees, KAMRAD, Ray Dalton and ClockClock. The highlight of the evening concluded with the presentation of the Honorary Award to TV legend Frank Elstner. The impressive laudation for this emotional moment is held by Nazan Eckes.