Lulu & Polly


Papilio Entertainment: Creative Director, Author, Audio Book Director, Sound Design

Client: KidzCo Entertainment GmbH

Country: Germany

Year: 2021 - 2022


Lulu & Polly

Lulu & Polly is aimed at children from the age of two. In picture books, videos, songs, radio plays, fashion articles, toys, and much more, topics such as friendship, foreign cultures, and diversity are addressed in a child-friendly way and lovingly told. Due to the bilingualism German/English, Lulu & Polly is ideal for elementary school students who are to learn English as their first foreign language. The large coloring page at the end of the book leaves room for creativity. According to numerous children's book experts and influencers, Lulu & Polly is one of the most beautiful and exciting new releases of 2021.

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Lulu & Polly

The creators of Lulu & Polly are Sandra Mynheer, Björn Meyer and Michael Rassinger. Andreana Clemenz of Papilio Entertainment wrote the first three Lulu & Polly books together with authors such as Björn Meyer, Nils Brunkhorst and Henni Nachtsheim. She developed the illustrations and characters with Jan Wünsche and Petra Fritz, wrote and directed the audio book, and successfully launched the new children's brand as Creative Director.


Lulu & Polly

Lulu & Polly's first volume, radio play, merchandise, videos, and song will be available in stores or directly from the Lulu & Polly website in October 2021.