PIO Training

Whether you are performer or executive – we train your better you on stage and give our professional knowledge to you, your team and your company.

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If you always do
what you have always done
you will always get
what you have always got.

1. Training for performer (individuals) and bands
It is a true art to present yourself successfully: This training will improve your stage presence. We raise your awareness with regard to your internal and external perception. and show you how you can draw even more attention and be more compelling to your audience.

3. Creative Workshop for agencies and companies
This workshop is pure creativity. We provide you with creative input for your next production introduce the latest trends in show business and share with you the “10 magic moments of a successful presentation”.

4. Teambuilding for corporate clients
The success of a company stands and falls with the motivation and team spirit of its employees. The larger a company, the harder it is to create the binding spirit. Our Teambuilding promote sustainable solidarity and group loyalty and are lots of fun.

5. Training for lectors and speakers
Your are good – but you can be brilliant! With our individual training you improve your stage presence. We raise your awareness in regard to your internal and external perception, train your rhetoric and elocution and work out together with you a rousing speech and/ or a professional multimedia presentation. The result: an all round successful appearance of which you can be proud.